Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How Do I connect my PC to my TV?

I am connecting my laptop to an HD LCD screen using a VGA cable. The problem is that my display settings are set to have the image only appear on the TV. When I connect both components the TV says it is an unsupported device and I can't see anything on the laptop monitor or the TV. I need to know how to go back into the display settings and change it to duplicate screens so that I can fix the aspect ratio and the resolution, the problem is when I have them both connected I can't see anything, and when they aren't connected I can't find how to change the settings. Please help!How Do I connect my PC to my TV?
Make sure your tv is set to vga. Most lcds will have multiple inputs. You can change this on the tv or the remote by pressing the input button. Its possible the refresh rate or the resolution is not set correctly. Change this on the laptop by left clicking on the desktop and choosing properties. Then click on the tab marked settings. Try a lower resolution first like 640x480 if you get a picture start working your way up to higher resolutions. I will tell you though high resolutions make it difficult to read things because it makes the type really small. Hope this helps and good luck to you.

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