Friday, November 19, 2010

How do I get my hair like this?

I Really Love This Style I Think It's Gorgeous And It's Perfect For My Skin Tone And Everything. I Want To Change My Hair Up For The Summer And I Want It Like This. I Dont Have Much Money But Im Going To Try To Get Enough To Get Everything I Need To Get My Hair Like This! What Kind Of Hair Products And Cut Would I Have To Get To Do This. My Hair Is A Darkish Brown At The Moment But I Have Bad Roots So Im Gunna Have To Re Dye It. Do You Think There Is Anyway I Can Get The Highlights With Box Color. There's Red And Blonde Highlights So I Want Both. I Need Product Names And Prices And Any Ideas To Make It Look Like This At A Reasonable Price. Thank You All So Much! (: do I get my hair like this?
print this picture out and go to your local salon and ask them if they can do this as this is what you would like . they should do it for you good luck

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