Friday, November 19, 2010

How does elevation effect nasal congestion?

my left nostril has been extremely congested for the past couple of days, however, i noticed that whenever i climbed up the stairs to the second floor of my house, all of the congestion is relieved, and i can fully breathe through my nose. The change is so rapid that i feel the congestion going away with each step, and when i come back down, the exact opposite happens. my floors are not to far apart, so i don't exactly know how this change can occur so rapidly.How does elevation effect nasal congestion?
Probably you're breathing in more dust particles at the lower level, sound strange that it should be so rapid, though. Could be dust or mold, or allergies, more likely chemical sensitivity or dust, because allergies wouldn't change that fast.

Edit: is your nose actually congested or does it just feel that way? If it just feels that way, it may be something in the inner ear, because the nerves are close together. It has something to do with barometric pressure, could be an inflammation caused by infection. Best seen by a doctor if this is the case.
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