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My friend is getting an abortion, how can i be supportive?

my friend has emotional issues.she's always been unstable.she is getting an abortion tomorrow.she knows its the best thing to do to certain circumstances surrounding the decision but she is feeling bad.she knows she is doing this and no backing out but the ';what ifs'; keep popping into her head.she said she wants me there for emotional support.she also said that she is checking herself into rehab afterwords because that is the whole reason why she is getting it in the first place.i am happy my friend is attempting to change.

how should i support her tomorrow though, i have no clue what to even do???My friend is getting an abortion, how can i be supportive?!




and.your.friend.she.can.know.' friend is getting an abortion, how can i be supportive?
Does she have enough time in her pregnancy to schedule an appointment with a clinical psychologist?

I'm completely for abortion rights, but I don't think a person who is at peace with themselves (and who can physically bring a child to term) should get an abortion until they are sure of that decision.

The worst thing that could happen is that she could end up being preyed upon by some exploitative religious groups, and turn into someone who is against other womens' bodily choices as a way to atone for their own guilt.

Why haven't you asked her why she hasn't seen a therapist before the abortion? She can re-schedule the abortion if she still has time to do so.
It is entirely possible to have an abortion and not feel guilt because you knew it was the right thing to do. Other women's stories about their abortions and their choice to not regret it.

Tell her . . .

Give it a couple weeks. When a pregnancy ends (no matter how it ends) your hormones will be everywhere, so have patience with yourself and other's.

I hope she heals well.

~Pro-Choice Momma; Have had an abortion %26lt;no regrets%26gt; and I have a 17 month old daughter %26lt;no regrets%26gt;. I believe in protecting my daughter's choice.

Abortion: There is a Consensus
Really, the best thing to do is just be there for her and make sure you let her know that if she needs anything (either before or after the abortion), you'll be there. Hold her hand and reassure her that she's doing the right thing by having an abortion instead of having a child that she knows she is unprepared for and can't properly care for. If you can, offer to go home with her and stay with her after the abortion for additional support. If she's really feeling crappy after the abortion, tell her to just give it a few weeks and she'll probably start feeling better. After an abortion, it generally takes a while for a woman's hormones to get back to normal, so she might be feeling overly-emotional and/or depressed for a while until her hormones straighten out and go back to normal.

When I had an abortion a few years ago, my fiance made me feel so much better just by taking me to the clinic and holding my hand and letting me know he'd be there for me no matter what. If you just do that for your friend, I'm sure it will make her feel a LOT better.

You sound like such a good friend, she's lucky to have someone like you in her life. :)
Hold her hand and let her cry.
tell her that if shes having all of these what ifs and doubts, then she shouldnt have it done or she could end up miserable. as a friend, you need to be honest with her and if shes doing something that sounds like she will regret it, then you should suggest that maybe something like adoption would be a better option.
You should assure that she has reached the right conclusion. You can go to the clinic with her and make sure she is OK after the procedure. You could give her something to help her relax, like a book or chocolate.
Just be there with her and tell her t do what she feel is right for her and what makes her happy..
Welll first off there is still backing out, she hasnt done it yet so she can change her mind BUT if she decides to go through with it you just being there is all she needs. Theres not alot you can say or do other than just being there that will help her. I dont agree with abortions but I also went with my friend to get one and I said nothing, I sat in office while she had it done and when she came out I gave her a hug told her I was here for her and let her sleep while I drove her home. Thats all you can do. Good luck
You should be there for her and support her no matter how she is feeling, if she feels depressed, you should comfort her, hug her, be ready to give advice on how to cheer her up. Just take into account how she's feeling and be ready to be someone she might want to heavily rely on emotionally until she gets over her problems, especially if as you said, she requires rehab.
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