Friday, November 19, 2010

At how many revs should i change gears in a petrol car to save fuel?

I tend to change gears between 2 and a half and 3 revs but my fuel never seems to lastAt how many revs should i change gears in a petrol car to save fuel?
Under 3k is good.

Be easy on the gas pedal and keep it even as long as you can.

keep in a high gear and take your foot off the gas long before you reach a junction, lights, jam etc. Let the money you have already spent in getting up to speed get you there. Remember, in driving, momentum is money you have already spent. You can save up to 20% just by doing this.At how many revs should i change gears in a petrol car to save fuel?
Read the F**** manual ...
You should always change before 3k RPM, but in fact if you can change gear below 2k you will save on fuel. Remember, it's not just the gear changing that's important, but the rev count you hold as you're driving. Try to get up to fifth (or sixth even) as quickly as possible and remember that under-inflated tyres and holding the accelerator right down will contribute to poor economy.
Try to keep in a high a gear as posible for as long as possible.It will depend on your cars engine size but other factors are inportant for petrol consumption like your driving style , try not to accererate or brake and maintain a constant speed.
Never mind the it when the engine tells you to.
Ever thought of changing the air filter and spark plugs - that helps.

I use the general rule - 0 -10mph 1st gear - etc etc

Try putting correct tyre pressures as well - that also helps
Well first off, what do you drive, if you drive something like a 78 F-350, you can't expect to get great fuel economy. When I learned to drive, (Well, I learned on a tractor first) But when I started driving on the streets, I was taught that you shift at 2500 RPM's, and its kinda always stuck with me.

YOu may also look at something else which may be causing your poor fuel economy. When was your last tune up? Is your check engine light on? Are your tires inflated properly?
I hope you mean 2000 and 3000 revs because If your car is only getting 2 or 3 rpm you need to get it checked out
its not really the revs that uses the fuel,it labouring the engine...
You need to shift as soon as possible but don't lug the engine down. After driving it for a while you should be able to tell just by the sound and feel of the engine.
i always red line before changing gear but it's a works car

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