Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to change the way I am?

I want to change the way I am, I want to be outgoing and love to talk to girls. I want to become more popular. I really want to change everything about my self and personality because i just finished my sophmore year at high school and didn't like the way i was. I junior year to be a good year where i will remeber the good thought and thing i had, get a girlfriend and live a life that i'am looking for it in a treasure box. I want to CHANGE COMPLETELY AROUND GIRLS IN GENERAL.How to change the way I am?
don't, someone will like the way you are! changing the way you act can be dangerous.How to change the way I am?
changing the way you are can be hard though but you can try to be more outgoing..put yourself in those situations..and just talk to girls...but don't change your who you are on the inside let it show..and maybe others will like you for who you truly are!!!!:]

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