Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How to get my friend to eat healthier ??? 鈾?

Okay i have this friend and He Never eats healthy food.

He has pancakes at break time and one time, Him, Me, Carly and Maya (Names changed) went to a theme park and this is what he ate.

Massive Meal for Lunch, 4 cups of coke, 3 lollies, popcorn, marshmellows, Chocolate Fountain (We had it when we got back), Haribo, Mars, Cake, Chocolate bar.

How can i get him to eat healthier??


xxHow to get my friend to eat healthier ??? ?
You could talk to him about it. But honestly don't press him about it he might not like that you suggest that.How to get my friend to eat healthier ??? ?
Try and eat healthy things around him. I mean, just be a good example. Setting up a chocolate fountain and telling him he's not allowed to eat any of it could upset him, so I think it's best to keep things as such out of temptation's way. If you ask him over to your house, make sure the meal is healthy, and if you eat out together, choose a resturant that serves healthy food. MacDonald's salad's don't count! ;)

I also think it would be good to talk to him about it; say that his health is important to you.
lol, you dont need to.

hes getting enough energy to survive

dont worry about it.

whats so good about being worried and concious all the time?
its tough to make someone to get into the healthy lifestyle cos it really isnt easy. Even for someone themselves. Just give him an insight or like surely he wants a girlfriend but if he tries, girls wont be attracted to him, right? they'll be put off by him!

So give him some psychological ways to get him motivated. Or you can get some girl to play someone pretending she is interested in him and he would probably get him going to lose weight to look good.

It can work in some ways. Its tough love or tough world of reality.
You cant MAKE someone eat healthier, but you can start eating healthy snacks around him and stuff and ask if he wants some. Make sure there yummy to so maybe he will want to start making them himself. But you cant make someone eat healthier and its his life so if he keeps eating junk food dont worry about it
You cant - you're not his mother. You could suggest that maybe you all go on healthy eating diets, but dont press it as I doubt he'll thank you for it!
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