Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Please, how can i change!?

i want to make some transitions over the summer into my senior year. i'll be getting braces off over the summer so will i be able you whiten thenm right away, like with white strips or something. i also want to lose a ton of weight! :( and i want to be my skin clearer. My skin will stay alright but i have to keep very good care of it, otherwise it breaks out so quickly and badly! do you have any tips or tricks i can use to get my skin in it's best shape? how can i get it firmer? and how can i lose weight!?!?! this is the biggest change i want to make! help me with this!?Please, how can i change!?
For the weight thing my Mom used the iphone app to count calories/exercise and she has lost 30 pounds this year! Also the seventeen magazine workouts are amazing and work really well!! Idk bout skin sorrryyyyPlease, how can i change!?
i use the clinique 3 step anti-blemish solutions comes with a cleansing foam a clarifying lotion and a clearing moisturiser and then separately i bought the spot treatment gel i use this every morning and night and ever since ive started using this my skin has been clear its worth the money :]

if you wanna lose weight go on a healthy diet and start doing regular exercises or go your local gym

i hope this helped :]

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