Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How can I change myself into something better?

I've been going to an all girls school since I was 12 (my parent's decision) and used to be really fun-loving and outgoing and confident. But now after 5 years (I am 16) I somehow have turned to hating myself and life and I don't know how to change that. It's not as simple as it sounds to just be happy, so if you can't relate, then please don't answer. What I want more than anything is a boyfriend, but no one has ever liked me before. I'll do anything for him and just want him to love me. But I don't know any boys and I have no idea how I'm even gonna get a prom date next year. I still can't get over the first and only boy I ever fell for, and that is so pathetic because I'm always comparing myself to his standards and his other girls, even though I know he has long forgotten about me.

The only good thing is that next year I'm going to a new school (but it's still all girls). Going to an all girls school has just made me feel like boys are too good to like me or ever wanna spend time with me....But still next year do you have any tips on making friends? I've learned to NEVER be pushy with people and always be nice and sweet. And any tips on finding a guy who will care about me?

don't say, ';talk to someone close.'; because i have no close friends who i could talk to about this. thanks and please dont be rudeHow can I change myself into something better?

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