Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Help! I Think I'm a perfectionist?

I think I'm a perfectionist, but maybe I'm imagining it, but here is why I think I am.

I hate miss spelling words, if i read over something I've wrote and its got misspellings in it i get quite annoyed. I tend to write really slowly so my hand writing is neat, and if i write a few pages of work and my hand writings changed through out I've actually started again before. So it does make more work for my self. If I've written on a piece of paper neater then the other piece i want to start again to make it the same or neater. Does this seem a little crazy to you? It does to me to i think to my self its fine, but then i still want it to be neater. It does annoy me. Also when getting ready i Have a set routine of what i do, have a shower, dry my hair straighten my hair, and then do my makeup, and if any of this stuff goes wrong i get pissy and annoyed again. Then i start going on about how my hair was straighter yesterday. So i tend to be late quite often. Its so frustrating at times. I'm not all that good at school but when I do something wrong, i can't be bothered to continue. Is that being stubborn or.. And This may sound like im very spoilt but im not really. I just think im a perfectionist.

Is this true?

Help :) Thank you.Help! I Think I'm a perfectionist?
just start calming down :)Help! I Think I'm a perfectionist?
Obviously you are not a perfectionist.. Your question is riddled with grammatical errors...
You clearly didn't proof read your question then.

'im' should be 'I'm'

'i' should be 'I'

'makeup' should be 'make-up'

chill pill
You are not a perfectionist otherwise you would not have made so many grammatical mistakes in your question. You always capitalize ';I';, you never use a comma before ';and'; if you are only listing two things, and you never start a sentence with ';and';; these are just a few of your mistakes.
maybe you have OCD!


calm down, it's not the end of the world. :)
Don't worry too much about it many people have the tendency to do the same things
alert the cops
There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting to be perfect, the problem could be in thinking that you have to be so. I strive for perfection in EVERYTHING I do, but have the common sense and mental agility/ability to realize that it's not the end of the world if it doesn't turn out that way.

If you make ';perfection'; your only goal, you're in for a really long and lonely ride through life. What you have is an extreme obsession for perfection and that, ironically, it your want to be something that is highly unattainable.

So, the question now is will you only focus on this impossible task and ignore the entire rest of your life?
It sounds more like obsessive/compulsive disorder or OCD. Have you been evaluated for it? It might be worth considering if it is causing a disruption in your life.

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