Tuesday, September 13, 2011

How can I make my pictures larger?

We just got back from 2 days at disney land and the beach. It was my daughter's first time to both, and I took tons of pictures, well, I just got home and downloaded all our pictures from my phone to the computer and all the pictures I have takin are really small! A certain genius decided to change the camera setting on my phone. so is there anyway at all I can make my pictures a bit bigger without making them look all grainy? I'm so disapointed at how the pictures came out!How can I make my pictures larger?
Yes there is. Download some free software called Irfanview at their website www,irfanview.com.

If you have downloaded the pictures onto your computer when your open irfanview:

1: Click on open. When the popup box opens search for the file with your photos. Click on the file and it will be in the upload box. Click open

2: Once the pictures are in the irfanview window Click on ';Image'; then click on ';resize image';

Resize your pictures to what ever size you want then save it.

This is a FREE ebook about building a basic website but in there is also how to resize images.

It is 3.77MB of data and in opens in Adobe Reader. Save it to your desktop for ease of access.


I normally use this for making the pictures smaller but it should work in reverse.

Hope that answer your question cheers.


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