Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Birth contol? Help?!?

I'm 14 and my period is horrible! It's always heavy! I hve to change a super tampon every two hours! It lasts up to 9 days and I cramp really bad! I think birth control helps with these issues and I want to ask my mom if I can get birth control. How should I go about this? Do you think she will let me? I'm not sexually active and I am not planning on being at all anytime soon!Birth contol? Help?!?
It shouldn't be a problem. My family is very conservative, and even my mom and aunt were on birth control back in the 70s when they were teenagers because their periods were so bad. And like I said, my grandma is super conservative and would have been really angry if they had been sexually active as teenagers.

When it's that bad, it disrupts your life, and makes it harder to concentrate in school, etc. Just tell your mom that your periods are bad (she probably already knows) and that you heard birth control pills help. Also, the first couple years you are on your period it can be erratic, and may straighten out on its own, which she may be waiting to see. The worst thing she can say is no!Birth contol? Help?!?
Tell her your cramps are horrible and your period is heavy and you want to see your doctor. Moan and lay around and make it as dramatic as possible (if you want). Your doctor will probably put you on the pill and your mom doesn't really have any say.
Tell her the last thing you just said and hope that she trusts you. If she says no, you have two options that I can think of. You can go to a Planned Parenthood and they will give you BC without a parent (I think..don't hold me to that) or explain this to your family doctor (since a parent has to be present) and see if they suggest that you begin BC to regulate your period.
Talk to your mom about your period she might surprise you and suggest birth control to you. If she doesn't talk to her honestly. Also suggest talking to a public health nurse they are usually cheaper for birth control as well as a wealth of information.
Birth control pills can often help with cramps and excessive bleeding. 9 days is a lot for a period. You shouldn't have to deal with that. You should go to an OBGYN doctor. They can check you out and make sure everything's OK. Your mom probably knows your periods are like this, right? Then she's not going to think you're making this up and looking for a reason to get birth control pills because you're secretly having sex. You have a legitimate problem and have every right to want to do something about it.

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