Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Could he act this way because his fathers in jail?

i wanted to know if anyone could tell me if my boyfriends father being in prision affects how he feels. so my boyfriend of almost 6 months cares alot about his dad and i can tell just by the way when i ask about his dad he usually says hes important or he loves him, but then sometimes he just trys to change the topic whenever i ask about his father. he went to visit his dad a few months ago and he just said it got emotional and he never really told me what happened becasue he didn't feel comfortable about it. so i really wanted to know, how come he acts this way and won't open up to me about it. i think sometimes he gets mad easily or upset becasue of it and he trys to hide his feelings.Could he act this way because his fathers in jail?
Maybe hes embarassedCould he act this way because his fathers in jail?
to talk about this topic must be hard as it is not a pleasant one.you may try to monitor his mood annd feelings and find the best time to talk about it
Some things are just to personal. I wouldn't push it about knowing what his dad did. He obviously misses him, and you bringing it up doesn't help. If he wants you to know he will tell you sometime.
Boys need their fathers, fathers who are NOT in prison but at home with them. He is conflicted, his love for his dad and his anger over his being in jail. Boys do not usually open up like girls do and tend to hold things inside. Just tell him you are there for him if he needs to talk, but don't pressure him. If his anger becomes a problem for you on a verbal or physical level, it may be time for a break until he can either deal with what is going on or talk to someone who can help him with his problems. Good luck.
The reason why he wont open up to you about his father is because maybe deep inside of him it really hurts him that his dad is in jail.

he could be embarrased...

and he probably doesnt want to tell you because he doesnt want you to see him cry or see his weak side.

Just give him support in every aspect...

and just do what you gotta do.

This is something VERY personal . From a mans point you cant expect him to open up to you about this. Its been less then 6 months. There are many things I do not feel comfortable talking about at 1 year with my other half. Everyone is different. Give him the time he needs. There are things that you should not talk about with certain people. For example ... When I was a kid I didn't not want the sex and masturbation talk from my mother.

Women like to talk about everything with everyone. Men are more restrictive with what we choose to talk about.

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