Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My brother changed !?

Hi, I am going to ask about how to deal with my little brother, who I love more than my girlfriend.

You see, my family is kind of a big, warm home. I have two brothers and a sister. The eldest is Andy, who's 21 now. Next is a couple of nonidentical twins namely Serge and Nick, who are me and my little brother. Last in line is my sister Katherine who has just finished primary school. But why am I talking about my family ? Let's get to the main point. Well, my brother then, he was the nicest, kindest, most modest and passionate brother you could ever find on Earth. (A little bit of a nerd, eh?) He WAS. But now he's got a little... lemme see, RENOVATION !? (That's what he called it to be) He has started to get dressy, wearing things like a true rocker (I love classical by the way) tattooing (fakes anyway, but who knows when they're real ?) piercing his nose (yuck!) swearing like a gangster and stuff. He's like, what should I say, a rebellious teenager now. I feel less and less like to hang out with him, because I look just like a nerd walking with a so-called ';stylist rocker';. Oh man ! With how much love I have for him, I used to hug him at least twice a day, but now he says, ';That's so gay, man !'; and I too, dare not hug a leather jacket ! What should I do ? I want ny nice, cute cub back !My brother changed !?
If you don't like his style you're going to really drive it home for him if you give him a hard time about it. I wasn't allowed to listen to rock when I was a kid but came hell and high water I did anyway.My brother changed !?
I think your brother is probably going through a phase like some people do finding a personality to stick with, sorry for that, my brother was nice like that, too until he changed. He's 21, probably out grown all the ';family hugs and love'; and wants to do his own thing.
I think that they were kinda sayin stuff to him because he was nerd in school, so that's why he decided to change aspects (that's the most probable cause), but i mean it's normal that he doesn't want any more hugs, i mean not only because he has grown up but based on the fact that he wants to change from ';kind'; to ';rude'; means no more lovely phyisical contact.

What YOU can do is stop worrying about the hugs and that and ask him why did he changed so much, and try to prevent stuff as him getting on drugs and that stuff because that''s how it starts and im sorry to worry you but that's the truth, and trust me i've known a lot of cases like that and they can RUIN the whole family.

And not necessarily physical contact expresses love, i mean, sadly in America physical contact between men sounds GAY, and the truth is that that has nothing to do with homosexuality.

But remember talk to him so you can PREVENT, the most important thing is prevention and if he doesn't want to talk to you talk to your parents.

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