Tuesday, May 31, 2011

How do you like my poem?

Suggest any changes if you like.

A Prayer of a Child to the Lord:-

O Lord! O Lord! Lying up there,

I know you will listen to my prayers somewhere,

I know with the world so big,

You aint got a moment to spare.

But I would like to tell thee,

what's happening down here.

There's Pain,there's misery,there's wrath and terror everywhere,

People Killing People,its not safe anywhere.

People fighting religion,in every piece of region,

There's Murder,theres Arson and a reason for a Treason.

All that is left is,

Money making every heart flare,

Love is like a Diamond,so costly to take care,

All everwhere is Despair %26amp; Despair.

I pray to You O mighty Lord,To listen to my Prayers,

I know you've been busy,and aint got a moment to spare.

O Lord! O Lord! Please listen to my prayers.

God replied:

O my lovely child,I seek thy Prayers,

I know I've been busy,watching everywhere.

I know thy Miseries,thy pains and despair

So that is why I could not come there.

Cause for thy miseries my heart bleeds,

With thy trust and belief thou art Beseech,

You see, A little Pain %26amp; misery shallth help thy greed

With thy lessons learnt,helpth thy sould breathe.

I shall always be with thee,

Who shallth always believe in me.

No matter how big,how worse, thy problem shall be,

Whenth thou believe in me,

Shall I sail away thy boat of woes,

Whenth I shall blow my breeze

and thou problems shall Freeze!

So Believe in me my dear child,Call me be thou be anywhere.

Thou only callth me be thou in despair,

But I thy Father waith that time,

Cause thy time shallth come,

Thy friends abanden thou,and you see no way out,

thy sun shall set,

And thou soul shall not rest.

Forgeth me not,thou remember me only in Pain,

But I seeth thou everyday and havent thy forgeth,

Because time shallth come,when thou needth thy Lord

But after my benison,thou shall again forgeth.

O listen my Lovely Child,I never sleep,

Cause If I ever sleepth, Shall the Evil be upon thee.

And when the evil shall rise above stairs,

I shall come and end thy despair.

So, closeth thy eyes and sleep in Care

I shall be watching you everywhere

You may not see me:

But if thou shall trust me,I'm Everywhere!!How do you like my poem?
whao fantasticHow do you like my poem?
Blessings. Very vivid , inspirational, and emotional poem, the writer is pouring out his deep feeling to his creator, aline properly easy to read, good rhyming great image your poem took me back to the day when i first received the Lord thank you some much for that quick snapshot. Keep on using your gift. Blessings.
it was awesome! the first one was a really nice poem about the things which r happening in this world and how a little child prays to God to save us.then the one where God replies was great too.i really liked ur poem.i'm wondering how long u took to write them....

anyway, good luck, keep it up!
First of all,Very Nice Poem about toaday's human life, specially today's world's condition

I will not focus on the rhymes or any changes instead i will focus on d main heart of the poem -- that is it's meaning is very praise-worthy ***** 5Stars for your poem.......... Keep It Up!
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