Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Any tips on how to have a good school year?

OKay well school is FINALLY out for Summer! But this past school year wasn't the best. I had boyfriends behind my parents backs, kinda had a reputation as a h*e, cussed a lot, ect. But during the last 2 months of school I decided I was done with all the junk, so I stopped having boyfriends, stopped cussing all together, dressed in way way more modest clothing, and kinda developed a more shy attitude towords people and crowds. I made a few new friends during the last 2 months of school, and I left on a good note, but I am REALY REALY nervouse about next year! I mean with almost all of the kids at my school cussing, making inapproiate jokes, joining gangs, and all the DRAMA how to I say no and not get involved??? Because I want to make more friends, but not many kids can stay out of trouble at my school. Any advice??? Please no rude comments, I know the way I was acting was sick, and I would do anything to go back and change it. By the way, I will be in the 8th grade next year. Cheers!Any tips on how to have a good school year?
make friends don't insult anyone i insulted people i did make friends but i ended up ditching them in middle school and making lots of lies, so i was treated pretty bad but even them before i was really mean to anyone people were mean to me and called me anorexic and made fun of embarrassing things that happened to me that made me feel really depressed, try not to listen to what anything negative people have to say!Any tips on how to have a good school year?
sleep with the popular dudes
You're only in middle school, don't be a dirty whore next year just to make friends. Make friends with the band, orchestra, choir, theatre, or smart kids. They're usually the nicest and wont pressure you to do bad things.

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