Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I need help on my betta fish?

i just bought a betta and i would like to know if the water will stay the same because its around 74 - 78% and its summer so its hot, and i want to know how long until i change the tank to be colder again and btw will i need to use the water conditioner for nitrate, ammonia and stuff when change things like get a new plant, decor, fish, water change? its my first fish so i want to know whats best for my fish....appreciate for the help!!I need help on my betta fish?
ok... i hope the tank is at least 5 gallons, and filtered.

if the heater is on at approx 75degreesF, then turn it down a couple of degrees during the hot summer days. only let the water's temperature change +/- 2degrees.

and, with water change DEFINITELY add in the chemicals such as dechlorinator, things to remove nitrate and ammonia. i don't think this is necessary for plants, decor, as long as you haven't washed them under tap water.

when introducing new fish, add in the chemical you used to kick start the bacteria in the cycling process, but if you are gonna add new fish make sure they aren't also a betta, or any long finned fish and make sure the tank is at least 10 gallons.

do water changes every week, and change 25% of the water.. don't use colder water, or it could harm your fish. make sure it's about the same temperature.

good luck xI need help on my betta fish?
Haha, you mean 74 - 78掳. Way to use the % as your degrees sign; i like it. If you turn on the heater and your house doesn't get cold then the tank will stay warm, but if you house gets cold then your going to need a heater (living in Florida I never have that problem). If you only have one fish in a tank (10gal? 5gal?) then you don't really need to do any water cycling. I have honestly never cycled any of my five tanks and they've all been fine. However i like understocked tanks, it's a good thing. You don't need to condition your water, you should keep an eye on the levels but they're pretty predictable, the bacteria will take care everything but the nitrates, which your filter should take care of if it contains carbon. you should have some decor, like fake plants etc. I've never done a water replacement on my beta tank (had it for like half a year only though) you're supposed to do like 25% replacements once a month, I personally do not think you need that for a single fish in a tank. Maybe like every four months. Betas can be aggressive, especially towards other betas and mirrors (BOTH FEMALES AND MALES (I have a female who attacks the mirror)) They can sometimes handle other fish and other stuff, Not mine, but it shouldn't have a problem with other things. I guess if your going to add other fish, I wouldn't keep it isolated for too long, that's what i did and it killed my shrimp (plus it was a shrimp).
For a Betta, huh well I got mine 2 months ago. You really don't have to do the nitrate cycle unless your tank is huge with tons of other fish. Me, my tank is like a gallon or two with a filter, light, gravel, and a fake plant. He loves it and is quite healthy( minus the tail rot I just found which is natural with fish but I've been taking great care of him that he made bubble nest). But yeah, don't bother too much with the nitrate cycle. Yeah you need water conditioner, the pet store ought to have some just for Betta. Is the plant real or fake? What size is your tank? Keep the tank away from windows, air drafts etc. Mine is on my bedside table. Have small test stripes handy, those will help a lot. The water conditioner ought to kick almost everything down to normal levels, reason why I said ignore the nitrate cycle. My tank is small enough that I can change the water every 2-3 days. The conditioner will level the water change, do about 25% 2-3 days but use a small gravel pump if your tank is small. Maybe get a fake plant, you won't have to deal as much and your Betta won't nibble on it. Decor, if you have a small tank don't bother. Maybe 5gal and up little plants but 10gal and up a tiny piece of driftwood from the store. Just something to give it a little privacy but put plants on lines of the tank so that there is plenty of tank space in the middle for it to swim in. You don't want the tank to be cold, the tank should be around 78-82 degrees for a Betta, at least what I have read. You'll need to be worried about keeping it warm for most matters. But like I said, do not put it near windows, that'll make bacteria grow. Need anymore help contact my e-mail.
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