Monday, June 6, 2011

Norton 360 4.0 Virus and Spyware Scan?

Recently, I downloaded Norton 360 4.0 (from the norton site), i have i asked them but they didn't reply to my question. My question is my ';Virus and Spyware Scan'; says ';Never Run'; but when i go in and start the scan it will just say ';Virus and Spyware Scan Starting';, it doesn't change from that point all it says is starting... Also my Norton 360 will pop up and say there is a problem and i click fix and it brings me to Virus and Spyware Scan thing....I need to know how to get my Virus and Spyware Scan to actually scan. ASAPNorton 360 4.0 Virus and Spyware Scan?
Norton 360 is very performance intensive and might i add very ineffective. The reason its not scanning may be that your computer doesn't have the necessary requirements to run it. I would advise you to download AVG temperarily to scan your computer and then in future buy Kaspersky because its cheaper, very effective and doesn't use up loads of resources. Best place to buy it is on Amazon.

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