Monday, June 6, 2011

Am I an indigo Child?

Before this present day I took a few quizzes and they told me that I was an indigo child and few quizzes told me I wasn't.Today again I took a few more quizzes and three told me that I was an indigo child and little told me I wasn't.When I was in year five I didn't know the answers to any of the maths questions because I am crap at maths but sometimes I can be average,anyway when I was in year five the teacher asked us what was I forgot the question but it was a large number add another large number and I didn't know the answer but I got it right anyway and nobody said it I was the first one to be picked to answer the question.I was thinking not like a normal child would at the age of ten and I drew pictures of my imaginary friends and when I did that I drew them quickly not like a normal child would draw pictures.I will sometimes catch glimpses of ghosts,demons or angels.Then when I started being psychic in year five some times my friends would say I'm psychic and I just let it go through one ear and out the other.Sometimes I like to do healing work depends on how I'm feeling and when I see a long queue in the post office or anywhere else I get inpatient and a bit frustrated.When I did bad things in the past I now regret it and feel guilty about those things,and when we did yoga with class in year three or something I didn't want to stop doing it because I enjoyed it that much.I used to be very creative when I was younger I used to make things out of newspaper or draw and paint,I am also creative with music because I already wrote a bunch of songs that will hopefully make it to the charts one day.Oh,and in one the quizzes I took today I related to the some of the signs of being a true indigo child,I had a difficult childhood because I got that depressed I wanted to go back to my 'real home' but sometimes I just don't want to leave earth sometimes I want to stay here and never die.I have a talent of dancing and singing I am blessed with those things.I can be kind but sometimes I can be mean but I have a caring heart I guess I just haven't learned to use it yet.I just want to change the world forever and stop the war that's going on I hate being told what to do it really annoys me,sometimes when I am told to do something I can't be bothered to do it and when my mom repeats something for me to do I refuse to do it.At school when we are trying to learn I keep on daydreaming and not paying much attention to learning,my eyes are half brown and half green and they are very big they almost looks like my eyes can see through souls.Sometimes I cannot wait to meditateAm I an indigo Child?
okay. processing data%26gt; okay. confirmed output %26gt; ur an indigo child.

happy now ??Am I an indigo Child?
Feeling Blue?
To much for me to read and absorb. If you're feeling blue than you're indigo.
What the heck is an Indigo Child, anyway?

If that is synonymous to ';a person who is so obsessed with vast, insurmountable walls of text that he refuses to use ANY paragraphs when typing';, then yes. YES, you are.
no, if you have to ask, you aren't it is as simple as that

you are basing this on quizzes you took? that should answer it right there,

*mental blank* *so many letters* *no spaces*
No, your name is Violet.

You are a person who sucks at math, hates waiting in line, and thinks they are somehow ';special.';

There's really no such thing as an Indigo Child.

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