Monday, June 6, 2011

How can I explain myself?

It's not a big deal or anything, just that this friend made a picture for me on Picnik (Facebook app.) and told me to use it as my profile pic. I did, but then changed it, because I liked my old one better. She asked me why I changed it... What do I say in order to keep my profile picture, but also not hurt her feelings?How can I explain myself?
jus say **** off fatty i like my normal oneHow can I explain myself?
Say you really liked it but you thought the new picture suited your profile better.
the truth and a true friend would understand
Just tell her thanks so much for being so thoughtful but that you prefer the other picture of yourself better. Tell her you may change it later but for now you prefer the other. Take care
just say you liked your one better... there is not much else you can say really.

just try make a joke out of it or maybe ask them to make you a new one
Just say you preferred the one you chose. If she doesn't like it then that's her problem, not yours.
just say you wanted an au-de-natural'e if it's not an edited picture and say you just like this one better because of and then state a reason why she should be fine with it it's not like your gonna say the pic she made sucked! :)

i create sigs for people and sometimes they say the quality isn't that great so I'm ok with it because I'm their friend! she should know if you get turned down and someone states a valid reason that she'll just keep getting better at making pics if she takes their advice and still do it in her own little way! :D
Say you like this one better. What a weird thing to get funny about...!

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